I don’t know how, but the DC Television side of things is absolutely killing it right now. The studios designated the TV-verse (DCTVU?) as the little sibling, with the big, mature movies being the priority. Sure, they call it the Multiverse, but if Batman v Superman: et al. is Earth Prime, I want to live in Earth 2. I mean Earth 3. I mean Earth 4. I mean whichever universe Flash or Supergirl takes place in.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Man of Steel and Batman v Superman:ORDER! ORDER!, but the dark, gritty, serious tone they’ve established to separate themselves from the MCU is a little much. These characters were created for kids, after all. I don’t know if you’ve seen Batman v Superman: Protective Order yet, but if you’ve watched the animated movies Justice League: War and Flashpoint, and have read or played Injustice: Gods Among Us, then you have a pretty good handle on the path DC is going in its movie-verse (DCCU?)

But this. This episode was something else. One thing that is great about Flash and Supergirl is that they totally love being superheroes, and have a blast doing it. For Batman it’s a job only he can do; for Superman, a burden only he is strong enough to bare. But the Flash jumped at the chance to help people, and has fun doing it; Supergirl couldn’t not be a hero. When endowed with powers like those, who wouldn’t want to have some fun? Barry and Kara embrace their abilities, and are having a blast.

Look at the MCU: Stark is serious about protecting the world and regulating the Avengers, but when he’s Iron Man, he’s enjoying it. Falcon is having so much fun, and Ant-Man is just happy to help his idols. Hell, even Black Widow and Hawkeye have fun with each other out on missions. Enough with the darkness and angst and uncertainty and reluctant heroes. HAVE FUN OUT THERE.

That’s what last night’s episode of Supergirl gave us. A team up between two heroes that love what they do, and don’t have too much baggage to pull them down.

From the moment Barry ran into Supergirl’s life, I was in heaven. That was probably one of the most fun episodes of superhero fare I’ve seen yet. And that includes all of the Flash so far, the bonkers that is Gotham, and Matt Murdock kicking ass in that hallway and stairwell. When Supergirl introduced herself and Barry said “You’re who now?” I was grinning from ear to ear. When Supergirl shot that line right back at him a few minutes later, I was cracking up.


And then Barry met Winn and Jimmy, and he found this universe’s Cisco. Winn geeking out about the multiverse was amazing. “You mean there’s an Earth where everyone is evil?” “Been there. It sucks.” WHAT. “How do you accidentally travel between universes?” “I traveled through time by accident...” “THAT’S COOL!” Holy shit. Barry realizing that his input wasn’t always relevant was the best, and I cracked up when he said “I see bad guys like abandoned warehouses in this Earth, too!” I was dead when Barry said “What do you say we step away from the nice lady. Settle this like women. What? There’s more of you guys here than me.” That was it. Burn it all down, fire Snyder, and start over from scratch.

Also: You look like a racially diverse cast of a CW show. OH MY GOD.

DC missed a golden opportunity by excluding these two characters (and specifically, these two actors) from the overall DCCU. My relegating them to the multiverse, we’ll have to rely on the DCTVU giving us the fun stories, and will have to wait to see if the DCCU Flash can deliver the same kind of joy of being a hero that we have on the Flash and can deliver the same awesome relationship we saw last night with the next Green Lantern, whoever they may be (I’M LOOKING AT YOU DAN AMBOYER).


It’s the shared DC universe we deserve, and also the one we need right now. SoI guess we’ll watch Batman v Superman: Guilty. Because it will do. Because it’s not our DC universe. Flash and Supergirl are our giddy guardians, our cheerful protectors. A light DCCU.